Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2011 and kids...

I have been reading reviews on  Amy Chua's  book on  parenting in a strict  Chinese way ,which she herself has employed on her daughters.  Adapting it   might  be a cruelty  on  tiny tots, but may  produce better results.

Here's my take...

 The world around us is so busy, even a 2 year old have a strict routine to follow starting off at his waking time until  he is made to sleep. From hobby classes to the tuition,   we have forced so much on them , that they  seem to have forgotten the  Hide and seek, Postmaster.. Postmaster   and much more, which we fail to even realize. In metro cities like  Mumbai it is a far sight to see kids playing and  jostling  at  each other,   (okay.. child kidnappers may be around)  rather  they stay  in the four walls to restore their energy after school activity classes .

Now the question is, how they are regaining their energy, and the simple answer, which is practiced   by most of us  is  by letting them some time to catch up their cartoon series  while we take a quick  nap . Neither  the cartoon watching is  a problem, nor the hobby classes, but  surely the timing is. Poor kid.. he has no idea about the word hobby, and we  the ambitious parents enroll him in one after the another .

 The  special bond between a child and a parent seems to fade because everyone is so busy. I  happened to visit  a friend of mine at her place. we were sitting in  drawing room  chatting and her three year old feeble  daughter  in another corner  with her eyes glued on the television screen. I tried to talk  but was left  defeated , not been able to turn  her focused eyes.  In our old  Doordarshan  days  everything was so balanced, we had enough time, time to watch, play, study and getting  cozy with stories of our grandparents.

 These days we are missing out the basic ingredient of childhood, the innocence in them, the free flow of their spirits, rather we make a deliberate effort to  mature them and confining  their minds. Let them go their way and have some space for  you  and for them too. Teach morals and values, time management to them and see how they will make you proud.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


India ranks 4th amongst the countries that are not safe for womankind.

In Mumbai itself ,three decomposed bodies were found in a train compartment in different places within a month only.


A decomposed body of a woman was found in a train compartment.3 days. no clue about her identity.

 In another incident a body of a woman is recovered from a empty train.smashed face, naked body that describes her.

 A suitcase is found in a train compartment containing a body of a woman,rather pieces. Investigations going on.

A 25 year old woman was thrown out from a moving train by three men for her protest against rape and chain snatching. The girl lost her leg.

A 23 year old girl is shot dead in a crowd.Stalker kills her.
A woman jumps off from  a building after killing her 2 year old daughter. Police suspect  NO FOUL PLAY.
A female foetus is found rather  noticed dumped on a garbage heap.

A woman threw her newborn girl child from 16th floor of a hospital.

A 14 year old was found hanging near a police station. Rape confirmed in 2nd autopsy.

 Another girl of same age is found dead in a forest. Her eyes gauged out.

Incidents of nail man and acid attacks, eve -teasing.

There are many cases ,which are not even registered,the victims bear with silence. Please fight against the ill treatment of womenfolk. let us live free spirited.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

KRK... the man who knew too much

Life keep us going  until death , but what happens when  you are alive and lose your memory.

 My  82 year old  grandfather .. A great lawyer  and a  great man ,avid reader,  a spontaneous orator. He spoke Hindi, English, recited Sanskrit  verses, and was too good with Urdu Poetry. High thinking simple living that describes him all.  He gets up at 6 am, the routine he had   followed all his life , brushing teeth,  taking  a glass of lukewarm  water  before eating , then breakfast, but now all done with the assistance.  The  lawyer now stammers[faltering speech] when he speaks.  A man once  an avid reader  and scholar , knows nothing about the WORD and WORLD  today.  His  semi paralytic state  has restricted his movement. He is made to sit at one place and remain seated whole day,  [he hates wheel chair]his  habit of not taking a  nap in day remains with him.    I used to go to him with a query  and come back with a contented smile. He was just too good.

Things are different now. Neither we have questions for him, nor  he can  answer. Now he lies here, with  dementia ted state. News papers, television and books means nothing  to him.   The alphabets have moved  out from his brain and people from his mind. It  was  a such a pain to see him when he was asked to sign on some document and the BA LLB had to give the thumb impression.   All gone. His knowledge  of  everything has vanished somewhere and I wait for  some kind of spark  to  regain his lost conscious. But all in vain, I know..

 I wish I could time travel and get him back. How he  used to walk, talk, jog eat read , write and now when I see him it  seems a far fetched dream.[  DAWA DUA.  ]Care , Medicines, prayers  is being done, but who the hell can stop ageing, which  deteriorates  working of certain  cells of brain.  We fail here absolutely.

 Life is like a movie though a long one… We see, we live, we enjoy and we stop since there are no forwards and rewinds. Time is running  and we  can't conquer it always.

P.S God bless him

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What next ???

I am lost in the humdrum of Life
What is it, that still hooks me on
to go on tastelessly.
I ask myself, with  a bit of struggle
rather I hear a hollow Echo
with in me.
that ardour to rejoice Life lies
on the death bed , on moist
window pane, vaporising slowly
but surely. kind of an
 emotion... may be
sealed with joy or
 may be unfathomed tears.
Or may be I have explored  Life
or may be it remains
 a mysterious journey yet to devour up.

Monday, June 27, 2011

9th April...a kidday!

      9th April…a  kidday

All for the kids... Wow! I just love them and never fail to establish  a connection with them.   My hubby had  a  meeting fixed in a bank ,  I also accompanied him only to sit back  in the bank's reading room, for the financial matters go above my head neither  I do my bit to understand them. So   there I was in the company of avid readers rather people who  chose to wait there and  two  really noisy kids who were a comic relief to watch. The fun they were creating there, jumping from the sofa, the table. From their conversation I got to know  they were  siblings.. One  was being  didi and her  younger brother and their mother was attending a  meeting.  Meanwhile I picked up Bombay Times. The little boy   began with a smile and I  returned too. The point of argument between the two was regarding the coffee. The little one  was desperately  trying to convince his 10 year old  didi for a cup of coffee which his mother  had   disapproved  in clear words NO .  Poor  kid.. He had no idea to use the machine and people around us were sipping one after the another.  So  he started with me.  Here is a piece of our conversation.

Me- come here.. What's your name?

(Little hesitation  on his face, but eagerness  in his eyes.. May be a hope for a  cup  of coffee. Jumping over my sofa he replied)

He (giggles)- devansh hai mera naam. 

Me- bada good name hai aapka..( I tried to get busy with the newspaper)

He- coffee peenee hai.

Mean while his sister appeared who had gone to  try once again on  the strict mommy.

She- maama ne mana kar diya hai. Koi coffee nahi. Paani peeyo.aisa bola.

He- chup kar tu. Coffee peeni. ( to me) didi tu pila na.

 me- chhote bache nahi peete

He- please

Me- mei bhi nahi peeti dekho.

He- lekin mei toh bada hun.. First mei padhta hun.

Me- coffee peene ke liye 5th mei hona padhta hai.

To divert his mind , I tried to engage him in an exercise. He had to identify the letters  which I would  point out for him. He was so excited  and  gave the test  intelligently and with quite a precision .

I spent 15 minutes with him and it worked . People were looking at me if  I was with the kids or a kidnapper trying to befriend children.  Mean while my hubby came back and I had to bid adieu to Devansh.

Me- bye devansh. Be a good boy.

He- didi tu jhoot bol rahi hai. (Shouting)

We had to get some paper work done on another floor and get back again for further procedure. After half an hour we came back and I joined the reading room only to find all new faces and the same kids. He was so happy to see me.Wow moment in his eyes.

He-didi merko pata tha tu ayegi.

Me -tu nahi bolte.

Then we talked, all three of us. He was in 1st standard. To  refrain him from COFFEE  I  began with a game. I would name a color and he would have to identify it, of course his sister was old for it.  All that reminded me of my  childhood days playing color games and word games.

A big thanks for  Devansh. He made my day , kind of.... refreshed all the  childhood memories.

 In the evening it was Tanshica's second birthday party, my friend's  daughter. The gift. I decided on crayons and a nursery rhyme book, colors to make her life beautiful. Although she was looking so pretty like a princess.  After party I  logged on to my facebook account, the basic  necessity, only to regret  that I had skipped to wish my good friend Shazy on her birthday.  Next day the first thing would be  a call to her.

 . . . ( thinking something... but can't express) . . .

God bless  devansh, tanishca, shazy and all of us.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shades of Life... we fail to see.

Life is beautiful... yes it is when we get everything  that we wished for, or for matter of a fact just like that by chance. Look around  and you will find yourself surrounded with colors. Colors of every shade; dull , bright, sober and many more. We wake up  in the morning and the sun brightens up our day.  Life has multiple shades; happy,sad, opulent, dull, busy and what not .

Let  me just travel Life. A woman with swollen tummy carrying  a life  within . Imagine the feel . A lady, a mother holding her child's hand and  teaching her to walk. What a beauty!. A father dropping  his child to school, a  tiny tot blabbering and learning to talk with grandparents.  A gang of friends enjoying in the canteen.  Two besties going for a walk. A romantic date. Catching up your favourite book or movie. Travelling with family. Marrying your lover.  A  great job. A loving family. A passion to follow. Time for your hobby. Songs and celebrations. A peaceful world to live in . No riots . Brothehood. Prosperity around  you .  Fresh air to breathe. Education . Equality . Purity and innocence prevailing . WOW LIFE !!!!!!!!    All smiles. :-)

Let's flip the coin. Ask a  poor man how hard his life is, the sole bread winner in the family struggling for survival. We will say ''Haaye Bechara''. We see hundreds of  children begging around the stations, sometimes we do  hand  one rupee if we have some change or as a matter of fact , precious time. We watch news to update the death toll in Libya or in Tokyo or any where in the world. How does it matter to us.? "Thank god we are safe here''.  How does a woman cope up with a abused relationship or a man? How does a cancer patient bear the pain? What about the female foetuses dumped , the honour killings? What do people feel  living in old age homes abandoned by their families? What about the corrupt politicians with an unquenchable greed for money and power? Why some body turns out to be a murderer or a terrorist?  Traffic all the way.  An acid attack on a girl .  Children being kidnapped . Suicide . A rape.  LIFE LIFE LIFE !! A sigh...

Here we have everything to call it as a good life, why not make the most of it..?  Why not  immerse in the shades of life and thank God for this precious Life . Why waste time in cribbing ?  After every dark night the bright cheerful day shows up . The happiness is sure to flutter after the sorrowful phase. Life comes as a combo of good or bad moments. If winter comes , can  spring  be far behind? Why not love life, the beauties of life and fight for it with a smile.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lovely Love

When I tasted love. . .
in your eyes,

A strange feeling it was
flavoured with                                           
some unknown emotion                                                
but definitely beautiful                                                    

I just felt it...                                                 
felt like feeling it again
till I am tired
and long for sleep. . .

Monday, April 4, 2011

Waiting for the Second Coming

I saw my self in Lucy gray's innocence an everlsting it was in her
and of course in me
exploring life and becoming
nature's favourite child..

hopping and playing like
 Pip of Great Expectations
wondering like Miranda
 asking curious questions
about the uncertain life.

doing  Sawyer Adventures
and exploring life like Gulliver.
enjoying and  knowing
and relishing the wonders of life.

but for how long...?
how long would I be away
from unsure life
no , no! I won't be a silent spectator
of Innocence Sweeping ceremony
of poor chimney boys.
For how long..? i would be a
suffering  mira or jameela.

but yes i am afraid
afraid of this life
i am a meek Prufrock
no guts to show
  to face weary life around.
I have become hard  Louisa
 no say of mine,
opressed under the
Gradgrindian Life.

The Lucy in me is  decaying,
 i will not let it die,
There is a need,a want for a spark
 with in. A Second Coming
of pure and innocent joys
of Life.