Wednesday, July 27, 2011

KRK... the man who knew too much

Life keep us going  until death , but what happens when  you are alive and lose your memory.

 My  82 year old  grandfather .. A great lawyer  and a  great man ,avid reader,  a spontaneous orator. He spoke Hindi, English, recited Sanskrit  verses, and was too good with Urdu Poetry. High thinking simple living that describes him all.  He gets up at 6 am, the routine he had   followed all his life , brushing teeth,  taking  a glass of lukewarm  water  before eating , then breakfast, but now all done with the assistance.  The  lawyer now stammers[faltering speech] when he speaks.  A man once  an avid reader  and scholar , knows nothing about the WORD and WORLD  today.  His  semi paralytic state  has restricted his movement. He is made to sit at one place and remain seated whole day,  [he hates wheel chair]his  habit of not taking a  nap in day remains with him.    I used to go to him with a query  and come back with a contented smile. He was just too good.

Things are different now. Neither we have questions for him, nor  he can  answer. Now he lies here, with  dementia ted state. News papers, television and books means nothing  to him.   The alphabets have moved  out from his brain and people from his mind. It  was  a such a pain to see him when he was asked to sign on some document and the BA LLB had to give the thumb impression.   All gone. His knowledge  of  everything has vanished somewhere and I wait for  some kind of spark  to  regain his lost conscious. But all in vain, I know..

 I wish I could time travel and get him back. How he  used to walk, talk, jog eat read , write and now when I see him it  seems a far fetched dream.[  DAWA DUA.  ]Care , Medicines, prayers  is being done, but who the hell can stop ageing, which  deteriorates  working of certain  cells of brain.  We fail here absolutely.

 Life is like a movie though a long one… We see, we live, we enjoy and we stop since there are no forwards and rewinds. Time is running  and we  can't conquer it always.

P.S God bless him

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