Saturday, August 6, 2011


India ranks 4th amongst the countries that are not safe for womankind.

In Mumbai itself ,three decomposed bodies were found in a train compartment in different places within a month only.


A decomposed body of a woman was found in a train compartment.3 days. no clue about her identity.

 In another incident a body of a woman is recovered from a empty train.smashed face, naked body that describes her.

 A suitcase is found in a train compartment containing a body of a woman,rather pieces. Investigations going on.

A 25 year old woman was thrown out from a moving train by three men for her protest against rape and chain snatching. The girl lost her leg.

A 23 year old girl is shot dead in a crowd.Stalker kills her.
A woman jumps off from  a building after killing her 2 year old daughter. Police suspect  NO FOUL PLAY.
A female foetus is found rather  noticed dumped on a garbage heap.

A woman threw her newborn girl child from 16th floor of a hospital.

A 14 year old was found hanging near a police station. Rape confirmed in 2nd autopsy.

 Another girl of same age is found dead in a forest. Her eyes gauged out.

Incidents of nail man and acid attacks, eve -teasing.

There are many cases ,which are not even registered,the victims bear with silence. Please fight against the ill treatment of womenfolk. let us live free spirited.

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