Monday, June 27, 2011

9th April...a kidday!

      9th April…a  kidday

All for the kids... Wow! I just love them and never fail to establish  a connection with them.   My hubby had  a  meeting fixed in a bank ,  I also accompanied him only to sit back  in the bank's reading room, for the financial matters go above my head neither  I do my bit to understand them. So   there I was in the company of avid readers rather people who  chose to wait there and  two  really noisy kids who were a comic relief to watch. The fun they were creating there, jumping from the sofa, the table. From their conversation I got to know  they were  siblings.. One  was being  didi and her  younger brother and their mother was attending a  meeting.  Meanwhile I picked up Bombay Times. The little boy   began with a smile and I  returned too. The point of argument between the two was regarding the coffee. The little one  was desperately  trying to convince his 10 year old  didi for a cup of coffee which his mother  had   disapproved  in clear words NO .  Poor  kid.. He had no idea to use the machine and people around us were sipping one after the another.  So  he started with me.  Here is a piece of our conversation.

Me- come here.. What's your name?

(Little hesitation  on his face, but eagerness  in his eyes.. May be a hope for a  cup  of coffee. Jumping over my sofa he replied)

He (giggles)- devansh hai mera naam. 

Me- bada good name hai aapka..( I tried to get busy with the newspaper)

He- coffee peenee hai.

Mean while his sister appeared who had gone to  try once again on  the strict mommy.

She- maama ne mana kar diya hai. Koi coffee nahi. Paani peeyo.aisa bola.

He- chup kar tu. Coffee peeni. ( to me) didi tu pila na.

 me- chhote bache nahi peete

He- please

Me- mei bhi nahi peeti dekho.

He- lekin mei toh bada hun.. First mei padhta hun.

Me- coffee peene ke liye 5th mei hona padhta hai.

To divert his mind , I tried to engage him in an exercise. He had to identify the letters  which I would  point out for him. He was so excited  and  gave the test  intelligently and with quite a precision .

I spent 15 minutes with him and it worked . People were looking at me if  I was with the kids or a kidnapper trying to befriend children.  Mean while my hubby came back and I had to bid adieu to Devansh.

Me- bye devansh. Be a good boy.

He- didi tu jhoot bol rahi hai. (Shouting)

We had to get some paper work done on another floor and get back again for further procedure. After half an hour we came back and I joined the reading room only to find all new faces and the same kids. He was so happy to see me.Wow moment in his eyes.

He-didi merko pata tha tu ayegi.

Me -tu nahi bolte.

Then we talked, all three of us. He was in 1st standard. To  refrain him from COFFEE  I  began with a game. I would name a color and he would have to identify it, of course his sister was old for it.  All that reminded me of my  childhood days playing color games and word games.

A big thanks for  Devansh. He made my day , kind of.... refreshed all the  childhood memories.

 In the evening it was Tanshica's second birthday party, my friend's  daughter. The gift. I decided on crayons and a nursery rhyme book, colors to make her life beautiful. Although she was looking so pretty like a princess.  After party I  logged on to my facebook account, the basic  necessity, only to regret  that I had skipped to wish my good friend Shazy on her birthday.  Next day the first thing would be  a call to her.

 . . . ( thinking something... but can't express) . . .

God bless  devansh, tanishca, shazy and all of us.


  1. Hi,
    Loved this post! Children are so innocent! I do the same i.e. playing word games or memory games with my 5 year old, it distracts his attention from throwing tantrums. Diverting attention to something creative is better than scolding/beating.

    1. Thank u Shreeja for reading the post and writing to me.
      God bless :)