Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shades of Life... we fail to see.

Life is beautiful... yes it is when we get everything  that we wished for, or for matter of a fact just like that by chance. Look around  and you will find yourself surrounded with colors. Colors of every shade; dull , bright, sober and many more. We wake up  in the morning and the sun brightens up our day.  Life has multiple shades; happy,sad, opulent, dull, busy and what not .

Let  me just travel Life. A woman with swollen tummy carrying  a life  within . Imagine the feel . A lady, a mother holding her child's hand and  teaching her to walk. What a beauty!. A father dropping  his child to school, a  tiny tot blabbering and learning to talk with grandparents.  A gang of friends enjoying in the canteen.  Two besties going for a walk. A romantic date. Catching up your favourite book or movie. Travelling with family. Marrying your lover.  A  great job. A loving family. A passion to follow. Time for your hobby. Songs and celebrations. A peaceful world to live in . No riots . Brothehood. Prosperity around  you .  Fresh air to breathe. Education . Equality . Purity and innocence prevailing . WOW LIFE !!!!!!!!    All smiles. :-)

Let's flip the coin. Ask a  poor man how hard his life is, the sole bread winner in the family struggling for survival. We will say ''Haaye Bechara''. We see hundreds of  children begging around the stations, sometimes we do  hand  one rupee if we have some change or as a matter of fact , precious time. We watch news to update the death toll in Libya or in Tokyo or any where in the world. How does it matter to us.? "Thank god we are safe here''.  How does a woman cope up with a abused relationship or a man? How does a cancer patient bear the pain? What about the female foetuses dumped , the honour killings? What do people feel  living in old age homes abandoned by their families? What about the corrupt politicians with an unquenchable greed for money and power? Why some body turns out to be a murderer or a terrorist?  Traffic all the way.  An acid attack on a girl .  Children being kidnapped . Suicide . A rape.  LIFE LIFE LIFE !! A sigh...

Here we have everything to call it as a good life, why not make the most of it..?  Why not  immerse in the shades of life and thank God for this precious Life . Why waste time in cribbing ?  After every dark night the bright cheerful day shows up . The happiness is sure to flutter after the sorrowful phase. Life comes as a combo of good or bad moments. If winter comes , can  spring  be far behind? Why not love life, the beauties of life and fight for it with a smile.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lovely Love

When I tasted love. . .
in your eyes,

A strange feeling it was
flavoured with                                           
some unknown emotion                                                
but definitely beautiful                                                    

I just felt it...                                                 
felt like feeling it again
till I am tired
and long for sleep. . .

Monday, April 4, 2011

Waiting for the Second Coming

I saw my self in Lucy gray's innocence an everlsting it was in her
and of course in me
exploring life and becoming
nature's favourite child..

hopping and playing like
 Pip of Great Expectations
wondering like Miranda
 asking curious questions
about the uncertain life.

doing  Sawyer Adventures
and exploring life like Gulliver.
enjoying and  knowing
and relishing the wonders of life.

but for how long...?
how long would I be away
from unsure life
no , no! I won't be a silent spectator
of Innocence Sweeping ceremony
of poor chimney boys.
For how long..? i would be a
suffering  mira or jameela.

but yes i am afraid
afraid of this life
i am a meek Prufrock
no guts to show
  to face weary life around.
I have become hard  Louisa
 no say of mine,
opressed under the
Gradgrindian Life.

The Lucy in me is  decaying,
 i will not let it die,
There is a need,a want for a spark
 with in. A Second Coming
of pure and innocent joys
of Life.