Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Coccydynia ( Lesson learnt)

27th Aug 2012
One not so fine rainy day,while going to the office I was just lying on the ground, numb, whimpering and motionless. Some kind people  came and rushed me to the nearby hospital. Thank you God for sending them to the rescue. I don't even want to imagine if they.. First aid..Injection.. painkiller.. tetanus.. pain and my constant shrieks and  later my friends at my side. My husband was called too.
I dislocated my Coccyx.What? Yes I heard it right..COCCYX. Why on the Earth, ME? Initial bed rest..had to quit the job.There I was restoring my loss. Months passed.. not been able to walk, jog, exercise and  most importantly sit and sleep too. Shit! Life was hell. It was most embarrassing thing to carry Donut cushion around.  I was angry, upset. But would It help? A big no. My husband would counsel me to be positive and I would just shoo him away.Period.
Neither he gave up nor he let me to give up. The best one was the Introspection time." Am I too weak to fight?" Yes, I am.. I am in Pain. What is the big deal about The Pain? Its just the state of mind sometimes. Fight and Fight!" I felt lame.
Few months later, a visit to a cancer hospital changed my outlook towards Life. There I was to meet my good friend's mother (God bless her)who fought the cancer with a smile and courage. I saw many patients putting a brave front against cancer. even babies and infants, Everyone. Shame one me! I was good enough. Why am I wasting my life cribbing about one minor accident. Why was I giving Coccydynia so much importance. Why was I being a crybaby? 
The incident changed me for good. I feel blessed. Its there but I ignore it with my strong will.

The point of sharing this chapter of my life on the first day of 2014 is, Life doesn't come easy, but we have to fight for it. Live every moment with love and smile!

As Ralph Emerson puts it',''It's not the length of Life, but the depth of Life.''


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