Friday, October 25, 2013


Of all the things in Life what matters the most? Tough question! Its all about  prioritizing the things,people and what not. Love yourself first and then think about others.Selfish huh! But we all are. Its just we are embarrassed to admit. We all have our set of problems to tackle.Who doesn't have? Who has time for others?  We.. at least I make fun of my grand mommy for loving me too much. I am an apple of her eye which I acknowledge too and of all the things  in my life she is my first ever love. I just want her to be out from the maze of MAYA, the Illusion...the Magic. I want her to come out from the prison of  ILLUSIONS . Question! Is she wrong? And I know, certainly not. Why does it bother to me Because I am also sailing in the same boat and I realize. The world is MAYA. Our fates have been locked.  Its just we are role playing. We have become so habituated while acting our parts that we tend to forget who we are in real. God, the playwright is enjoying the much dedicated performances of MAYA struck actors. Everything on this Earth is temporary so are we. What is permanent? Feelings? If we are not permanent how can our feelings be so? Death is inevitable of all the truths.
 This world is a lie and we are living this lie with honesty. Why shouldn't we? Its a lifetime act and we ought to live it. Why not live it with love and and dedication. And Dadi dearest.. you are absolutely right. I am going to call you up more often. Stay blessed :)

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  1. Moh and Maya are irresistible. One cannot be completely out of their clutches. The sooner we realize this, the better it is for us. However, striking a balance between the needs and the wants is what makes life simpler :)