Friday, September 27, 2013

For teachers and students...

Teaching is a joy.. a bliss. Its a two way process. Give and Take. In the very first day of a class I make sure to tell my students, 'Without you I am nothing. I am here for you, not for the walls. 40 percent I can teach rest is your dedication. Any problems, ask thrice, but not without revising it.'  And they dive into the sea of eternal learning, of course I jump with them. Its so much of fun for me as well, it's never monotonous. Somewhere deep down I believed, I knew my capabilities as a teacher. This self implicated faith helped a lot. I have discovered a new self. I have explored presence of virtues like patience which I thought opposite  of me.
 Trust me Life and Students are great teachers. They are unpredictable, challenge you to go beyond your potential. And as I said earlier,'I am here for my students.' The relationship between the two becomes strong, so do the understanding towards knowledge of subject as well as Life. The day a teacher ceases to learn h/she is finished.  You are defeated if your student fails in the test of Life.  When they win, you smile in their victory. That is a reward for which a teacher lives up to. That moment is worth waiting for and you know you are actually not teaching  the walls. The life seems to attain its purpose.

Not to forget my teachers, A THANK YOU for all who taught me the lessons of my Life. Seriously I owe it to you. Stay blessed :)

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